The NEWEST coil winder to be added to the RothGreaves family of winders!

The 8000 Series Multi-filar Winder offers the user the ability to wind more than one wire at a time. This Winder can have up to 16 filament payout spindles with fine wire tension control — each payout system is purchased individually. The multi-filar capabilities make it a key performer for producing a wide variety of coils in catheter reinforcements.

All Rothgreaves series winders run on our EasyWindTM software. This software features multi-segment, multi-speed, and multi-pitch operation, allowing you to create recipes useful for your wire size and material type. The frame dimensions of the standard 8000 Series are 129′′ long x 40′′ deep, with a chuck-to-chuck distance of 96 inches; the adjustable tailstock is movable to allow coiling on long or short mandrels.

The payout rack holds up to 16 spindles and is designed to coil multiple wires at once in an organized system.

The Multi-Filar EasyWindTM software is tailor-made for use of multiple spindles.

EasyWindTM software makes it simple to manage each spindle separately.



– Dimensions: 129″ L x 40″ W x 38″ H

– Chuck-to-chuck length: 96”

– Power requirements: 208-240VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp

– Pneumatic requirements: 80 psi @ 3.0 cfm (5.0 if hot air torch option is installed)

– Servo motors/amplifiers: Spindles(2) 400 watt, Carriage(1) 450 watt

– Winding speed max: 6000 rpm

– 750 watt

– Winding speed max: 6000 rpm

– Controller type: CNC multi-axis servo controller – Operating Software: EasyWindTM

– Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, embedded

– Interface: 17″ touch screen monitor and track ball keyboard

– Manual jog controller: Pendant controller with joy stick operation for all axis

– Wire tensioning: Servo control with closed loop feedback, pneumatic actuation and optional load cell

– Arbor tensioning: Closed loop pneumatic with load cell

– Chuck sizes: 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″

– Collet sizes: 0.036″ diameter to 0.500″ diameter

– Safety features: Light curtain with surround or door with surround

– Payout tooling: Standard and Custom payout tooling available