For over 30 years RothGreaves & Associates has provided a broad range of engineeredsolutions to medical device manufacturers, high precision industries, electronic manufacturers and pharmaceutical laboratories.

These instruments and manufacturing systems have a global presence with customers around the world as well as our domesticcustomers and their off-shore facilities.

We have the experience and knowledge tosuccessfully develop new and unique instruments, medical device manufacturing systems and specialty systems.

Our process for developing a custom application begins by drafting an Equipment Specification and finishes with the completion of a Factory Acceptance Test prior to shipment. Our General Specifications Document can assist you in developing a working machine specification.



Some of the projects that we’ve successfully completed include quality assurance instrumentation, life-cycle test instruments, miniature assembly, ultra-sonic welding, resistance welding, camera inspection, camera-driven motion, precision dispensing, custom ovens, fluidized bed applications and engineering work stations.

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Tube Loop Forming Machine

Automated O-ring Inserter

Automated Ultra Sonic Welder

Functional Attributes Test Station

Automatic Floral Sheeting Maker

Precision Measurement

Precision Pressure Measurement

Precision Resistance Welding

Precision Fluid Delivery

Foup Inspection System

High Precision Assembly

High Precision Assembly #2